Click HERE to purchase your $25 or $5 King Soopers gift card.

Click HERE to purchase your $10 Safeway card.

You can buy as many as you want and remember to reload these so Dry Creek Elementary can receive the maximum donation!


You know what an amazing school Dry Creek is, so show your support and help us raise the funds we need to pay salaries for the staff that aren't covered in the annual school budget and support classrooms with technology, field trips and much more! 

We are asking that all families pledge a donation of $100 for each student attending Dry Creek. The pledge amount is not limited to $100 per student, and any extra pledge support you can contribute is greatly appreciated. If you opted for installments earlier in the school year, your next installment is due in December.

You can write a check (payable to Dry Creek PTCO) or pay online HERE to pledge your support for Dry Creek Elementary.



Your business may have something we need: used inkjet cartridges, cell phones, and small electronicsThrough our partner FundingFactory, we can turn your recyclables into cash for Dry Creek ElementaryWill you please recycle alongside us? It’s easy to implement and 100% free Please see our shop page for further details:




February 13 - Boosterathon Fun Run



Your community rocks! That’s why for the 2014-2015 school year, Boosterthon is gathering your school community together for a fun, unforgettable musical festival experience with our newest character theme, Rock’n Town Live—powered by HeroSteps, a Boosterthon sister company.

Rock’n Town Live is a music festival theme all about COMMUNITY. Digital devices in homes across America can keep students inside and isolated. A theme about getting them out into the community is more important than ever. This character theme takes students backstage at a town music festival to learn from the Rock’n Town band about the five traits that make communities rock. Each musically inspired Community Challenge is paired with a fun, radio-ready song and music video that will have students singing about character and fitness for the rest of the year.

Stay tuned for more information in Thursday folders and in your child's classroom soon!

Spring Event -- Date TBD

Teacher Appreciation Week

Easy Ways to Fundraise for Dry Creek PTCO  (without extra $ out of your own pocket!)

  1. King Sooper or Safeway Gift Cards -- A portion of your original gift card purchase goes to Dry Creek AND any reload also gives us funding.
  2. -- Just select Dry Creek Elementary as your benefitting organization at initial registration and purchase all your Amazon items via the site (it functions the same as the site including all your account information) Amazon will send us a check!
  3. Funding Factory -- your recyclables are turned into cash! Visit
  4. Shoparoo -- Snap pictures of your grocery receipts to earn Roo Points (cash donations). Search for the Shoparoo app or visit for more details.
  5. Box Tops -- Box Tops provide funds for playground and P.E. equipment which we all know our kids love! Don’t forget to collect the box tops before you throw away the packaging.